Susan Lake Designs for Kazha!


Design Artist Susan Lake will create “DROID II” Headwear Design, for Kazuha Oda, of the rock band KAZHA!

See it at Saboten, 2016





Susan Lake Designs for Natalie Baroni!

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After a successful career in custom and OOAK headwear designs and costuming, Susan Lake began designing miniature headwear for bjd dolls.  Collaborating with well known face paint artist Cheryl Austin, Susan began showing her hats on Cheryl's dolls.  The designs quickly caught the eye of the most discerning collectors and since that time Susan has become popular for her bjd designs and costume characters.   Here you will find samples of Susan's miniature headwear and full costume designs. You can shop in Susan's etsy store for items currently available.


*Commissions and OOAK pieces are available upon request.



This design is on the Souldoll-Zenith, Gwen.  It is a One of a Kind design by SUSAN LAKE DESIGNS and was a featured doll at the KBJD show, in Los Angeles, California.  The top of the dolls costume is all handmade from three layers of gold metallic thread, and Swarovski crystals.  The pants are a brilliant blue silk shantung, with gold tie cord.  The toes are decorated with beautiful, ocean blue Swarovski crystals and both the wrists and ankles are adorned with two types of gold metallic lace. This dolls costume and wig, is a bjd, “Collectable Doll” design, created by Susan Lake.


This design is on the Souldoll -Zenith/ H C Delmia.  It is a One of a Kind design by SUSAN LAKE DESIGNS and was featured at the 2014, KBJD show, in Los Angeles , California.  It is made from beautiful silk and taffeta materials and the shoes and head piece are completely hand made.  This dolls costume and wig, is a bjd, “Collectable Doll” design, created by Susan Lake.

RASPINA RASPBURI  (Costume & Wig)  

Shown on Souldoll-Zenith, Agnetha


Full Set includes  2 piece dress, neck piece, wig crown piece

1 Available




Raspina Raspburi is one of the main characters in the story "GOBLINS BEND” written by Susan Lake. Once, the most beautiful witch, she in now under the curse of Odecilona, who has turned her into a GOBLITCH! (book available at Susan Lake Designs Shop)

This is a two piece costume. The corsette top is made of black velvet with black feathers sewn into the top. The fushia colored tulle comes attached to the costume and falls across the front of the pants to the bottom of the costume. The black silk front bustle, is sewn to the top. Black velvet pants consist of elastic waist, and feathers are sewn into the back of the pants. The neck piece is a one of a kind design with vermiculite jewel. There are black velvet arm sleeves with fushia and black feathers attached.


Crown #1. This magnificent crown is hand made, hand sewn black parisisol straw base, with synthetic hair and adornments sewn into the crown. Handmade flower buds, silks, feathers and swarovski crystals are used in the design. The hair is full and long to the ground.


Crown #2. A crowning glory. This hat sits high on the head and the hair has been twisted and sewn into the design shape and into the crown of the hat. It is adorned with handmade flower buds, feathers, swarovski crystals and more.

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