Susan Lake Designs for Kazha!


Design Artist Susan Lake will create “DROID II” Headwear Design, for Kazuha Oda, of the rock band KAZHA!

See it at Saboten, 2016





Susan Lake Designs for Natalie Baroni!

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“Using dance as a way of expression, Susan Lake found in the mystery of the tango, a way of blending and expressing a whole array of human emotions.  She is a combination of passion and excellence rarely found in a single person.”

Cesar Cordoza, CNN en Espanol Senior Copy Editor/Interpreter


Susan Lake is a well respected and recognized name in the world of dance in San Diego California.  She is a leader in bringing Argentine Tango as well as the Argentine dance artists and productions to San Diego, California where she is known for producing and directing the first Internationally acclaimed, TANGO BALL.  Her accomplishments were recognized by the City's mayor who called her a major force in developing a vibrant cultural environment which benefited all San Diegans. 


She was presented the Millennium Commission for her outstanding dedication to promote the Argentine music and dance and cultivated community outreach programs that would benefit from inter-active events with International artists.  Together with renown dance artists, Fernanda Ghi, Guillermo Merlo and Kathryn Irey, Susan  wrote and edited the first Internationally recognized Argentine Tango Competition syllabus and produced and directed the first International Showcase Competition for the Argentine tango in the US for three years.


Susan is a sought after speaker and has appeared before numerous San Diego theater productions for such shows as Tango Fire, at the North Park Birch Theater and Tango Passion, at the Escondido Center for the Arts to name a few.  She was featured at the Museum at the Center for the Arts in Escondido Ca., in a special show entitled, “Tangolicious!...Dance and design.”


Susan has served as guest choreographer for numerous shows and dance artists throughout San Diego including Theatro Magica Mascara, The Shakespeare Society, Celebrity Sonnets at the Old Globe Theater, and The Lyceum theater.  She has worked with Director/Producer, William Virchis, Alex Sandie, Kathryn Irey, Colette Harding Dance Company, Southwestern College Theater, Carlos Mendoza, Heather Stantz and former President of the Southwest Regional Emmy Awards show, Esther Jane Paul.


Susan is the Director/Choreographer for the Tangocentric dance project in San Diego, California.

 Feb. 2014

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